Do you have something to celebrate? In that case, a caricature is a fun way to take good care of someone. Hang up this drawing through the whole neighborhood and everyone knows about his or her birthday! Do you dare to let me draw you on paper with all your weird and fun qualities?

A caricature can be made on paper or it can be made digitally. You can also take the next step and print this fun illustration on a mug, bag or t-shirt for example.


On this page you find my portfolio and information about the way I work.

Are you interested? Don't hesitate and contact me. I would love to make you a fun design!

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  1. Send me a request for quotation on my website, an email or with a personal message on Facebook or instagram with the following wishes:

  • On paper or digital

  • How many people

  • Size (A4/ A3/ A2/ A1)

  • In color or grey shades

  • With or without hobbies / With or without background

  • Deadline

  • If you already have some pictures, please also send them. I prefer photo's of the person smiling, and in different angles (front, side). In that case I can observe the facial features the best.

  1. I'll respond to your message personally, give some advice and ask some addition questions if necessary.

  2. When I have received all information, then I'll send you the quotation.

  3. When de drawing is done, it can be send in a safe tube, or you can pick it up in Kampen/ The Netherlands.


KVK NR: 69248443

BTW NR: NL002279604B10

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TEL: +31 611769472