Get some special attention for your company, anniversary, special activity or event.

A street painting or mural is an interactive piece of art that get's a lot of attention. The artworks are shared a lot on social media, because the viewer himself can be part of the artwork because of the special 3D technique that is used. That's wat makes these paintings so much fun for all ages.


On this page you can find all different kind of work I made and information about how I work.

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Stroatkunst Taveerne Tivoli Raalte
Verfbus Zwolle.jpg
Boekenworm Zwolle.jpg
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3D Raketje
3D Street art Workshop
3D street painting Den Helder
3D Street Painting Cheese Board
XL 3D Painting with Gregor Wosik



I could design an artwork from scratch, but in most cases the client already has some ideas of a subject or theme. With all experience I have, I bring those ideas to life in a unique 3D design. On the left photo you can see the design I made for a client, on the right you can see the result.



There are different possibilities when it comes to materials. I could use acrylic paint or Tempera (School paint).

Acrylic is more durable than Tempera, because it won't be washed away from rain. Of course after a while the paint will be damaged and should be removed with a hot high pressure sprayer or even sandblasting. How long the painting will stay on its place, depends on the weather, surface and location. It can stay beautiful for weeks or even months I use exterior paint for outdoor murals.

Tempera, also known as 'School paint' will be washed away with some rain in most cases. It is not a given, because it depends on the situation.



A painting can be made on a wall or floor that the client has made available. If it's important that the painting can be removed afterwards, the painting can be made on another surface. On the picture below you can see an example of a painting (7*4 meter) made on a piece of vinyl floor. This material can be rolled up very easily.

There are also other possibilities as wooden plates or sticker material. If you like to get more information, please contact me.


KVK NR: 69248443

BTW NR: NL002279604B10

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